New environmentally friendly workout program releases in Florida

At 3rc we love finding the greenest solutions to everyday life. Most people drive to their gym for a workout…but that’s about to change. Abs over 40 just launched in Florida and it’s blowing up. No one can deny the fact that losing extra pounds or fat and increasing muscle mass can is way more challenging in later years than in younger ones especially for men. Blood does not flow as fast as it used to, it’s easier to just get fast food than make healthy alternatives, stress disappears magically (for a while anyway) when we eat fried goods and most don’t have time to hit the gym every day.

How it Works

This is where Abs over 40, the workout regime comes into play. Designed specifically for men who have crossed 40 and who wish to get back in shape, the program does not require a gym membership and includes a consistent diet that can enhance each exercise. Created by fitness expert, Mark Mcilyar who has also crossed the 40 year mark, the workout and diet plan addresses issues that aging men have and works around them to ensure an effective regime that can aid weight loss and muscle gain during this age.

According to the fitness expert, workouts that work in younger years lose their effect when men turn older since hormone production undergoes a dramatic change at that time. At that point specific workouts need to be maintained in order to ensure specific outcomes. These cannot be high impact either since joints, bones and muscles weaken as the years go by. Rather than turn to supplements which can do more harm than good in the long run, it is better to switch to natural and effective solutions that can be maintained in the long run.

The plan advocates natural solutions to combat one of the most common problems that middle aged men face, to maintain a better shape which can be difficult in later years. It does this by strengthening the core muscles by increasing energy levels which in turn are influenced by the increase of testosterone in the body.

According to researchers [1], this hormone declines with age; it reduces by 1% each year a man ages after hitting middle age taking muscle mass and sex drive with it. What is most worrying is that today’s men have lesser amounts of testosterone compared to their fathers and grandfathers which can be blamed on rising obesity rates and high pollution levels.

In addition, 30% of men who are between 40 and 79 years of age can end up suffering from hypogonadism which is a severe androgen deficiency that is caused by severe testosterone deficiency. Declining levels can also lead to rapid hair loss and maintaining muscle mass will be almost impossible. In other words, the case of reducing testosterone levels in later years cannot be denied but it can be overcome when it comes to maintaining a healthy body.

However, most men at this age face difficulty when it comes to paying attention to their fitness levels much less their hormone levels which results in a weak body, lack of confidence and premature wrinkles. According to the fitness guru, it is still very important to take out at least 15 minutes daily from a busy routine to maintain fitness with exercise. Abs over 40 can help with that and ensure a younger looking body for men who want a toned physique in their later years. You can read the complete Abs over 40 review here.

The fitness tips and workouts mentioned in the program are planned out in order to increase chances of long term positive results. These include a series of 5 minutes exercises for main parts of the body i.e. the hips, abs, belly, arms and thighs and each details movements that can aid in greater fat burn and stronger, more defined muscles.

Mark also recommends that men who take up the exercise should also take juices to energize themselves so that their bodies can perform well. The plan does not comprise of overlong exercises, strict diets or tough workouts which makes it ideal for aging men who suffer from aching joints or low metabolism.

The plan works in two ways. It builds up fitness levels through simple exercises and it balances hormones, specifically testosterone levels which are crucial for increasing and maintaining muscle mass. The program balances the production of the hormone naturally with the aid of juices and early morning meditation practices that can be customized according to the needs of each user.

According to Mark, the reason why younger men between 20 and 30 years of age can pack on six abs easily is because this hormone is in perfect proportion in their bodies. As the body grows older, these levels reduce resulting in prominent waistlines and double chins. While it is not possible to maintain the same exercise regime that was easy to maintain in old age, men over 40 can battle the bulge with a diet that can naturally promote those hormone levels and put a stop to hormonal changes.

The program contains this information along with some helpful tips and exercises that can help them maintain their weight and increase their sex drive [2].The last can peak in late teens and then start to decline over time if those levels are not kept regulated.

The result? A body that is fit, alert and well on its way to making abs prominent.

The program comprises of three stages namely Fat Loss Jump Start, Male Hormone Optimization and Fat Burning Mode. Each phase is designed to work on the body step by step to ensure it remains on the right track and burn fat on a regular basis. Each workout comprises of a mix of cardio and resistance training movements that can be done as easily at home as they can be done in a fitness center. It also contains a list of ingredients and relevant recipes that have to be followed in order to optimize the workout to its full potential.

In conclusion, Abs over 40 seems like a viable workout solution for older men who want to look fit in their later years without punishing their bodies.

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