How to start an environmental awareness blog [for beginners]

Having your own space or website on the internet is not as difficult as it used to be.

If you are passionate about an environmental issue, it has never been easier to setup a blog to raise awareness. Getting a page for free is simple and afterwards, registration takes no more than $10 per year and web hosting services are less than $10 per month. This means that you can create and upload your website within no time so that it shows up in search engines and people can track you down for whatever you have put up.

If you aren’t that tech savvy or have never done anything regarding the internet, then this is the right place you have come at. Read on and by the end, you will know all there is to know about web hosting.

Web Hosting Defined

If you were to think of your website as a real estate and a building, then web hosting is the land on which that building is built. Every website needs a unique space to store its data on the internet and make it accessible to the user on the World Wide Web.

Web hosting is often offered as a service by a company, which provides you some rent space where you can lodge your website. It also allows you to have a direct connection with the internet so that your website is accessible to all other users around the globe.

Getting your users to visit your site is something you need to actively pursue. There are coaching programs that will teach you valuable internet marketing and SEO skills to help your website get more traffic.

The first thing that you need to understand about your website is that it comprises of a bunch of computer files, images, and videos and other content that are combined together. These files are first saved on a server, or super computer, from where they are then uploaded to the internet. This is done by a company so that you would not have to keep a check on all the files and their sub files. This means that the company is providing you not only a place that you can rent for your website, but also connection to the internet.

Types of Web Hosting

Now, there are different types of web hosting that you can choose from. Their basic aims are the same but they differ in terms of the amount you need to pay, the space that you are provided, the reliability of their services and the speed of the internet you get for your website’s running.

The five main types of web hosting options are Free, Shared, Dedicated, Virtual Private Server, and Cloud Hosting. You can read these researched hosting reviews on the top hosting companies for a better idea on which type of hosting would best fit your needs.

Here are some details to make selection easy for you.

Free Web Hosting Services

Free services as the name implies, are free of charges but they are also very limited. They come with supported advertisements, usually stuff like beard oil and skin creams, but generally their reach is small and services are limited. Very few companies provide this service. Some of them are for a suggested time limit after which you will need to purchase their actual services.

Shared Web Hosting Services

Shared web hosting is one where your website will be placed on the same server as the one used by others. The “others” could either be a select few or a huge number depending on the company you choose. By sharing, it refers to sharing the same CPU and RAM (memory). It is one of the options that people who have no prior experience of running a website choose. This is because the costs are low and using the server is easy.

Of course since the prices are so low, services are not as great as with some other option. The performance of your website may not be too high nor will the site be able to manage too many visitors.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

Dedicated server is where you have your very own server for your website. This means that you get to control everything about the server as well as what it serves. The only downfall to this kind of web hosting is that it is very expensive and requires high charges to be paid each month. This is the reason these are used by people who need the most control over performance and traffic management.

Virtual Private Server

This is an interesting option, where even though all the websites of different people are sharing a singular server, yet they feel as if they have their own individual servers. VPS allows users to have more control over their servers by letting them have root access and by providing better hosting environment. This is by far the best option for people who want more control over their websites and its management. Keep in mind though, you will still have no control over the traffic that comes in because you will continue to share a server with others.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the best option if you are looking for a solution can handle huge amounts of traffic to your website while allowing you the flexibility of easily scaling your website’s storage, and other features. What it does is have multiple servers that work together in order to provide space and speed to websites. This means that more than one computer is working to improve the functioning of your website. The only problem is that it does not allow you to have root access, which implies that you will not be able to install any kind of new software or change sever settings in any way. Cloud hosting is also very costly because it is giving you so many options.

These are some of the different kinds of cloud hosting options. You can select the one that best suits your website needs. Just make sure you don’t get into something that you don’t understand.

Things to Remember

When looking to select a web hosting service provider, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind. The first and most important thing to ask is what is the uptime guarantee. Other questions you will need to be positive about before hiring anyone is the amount they will charge per month, their customer and technical support, their payment plans, the top features of using their services and any kind of set-up costs.

Keep in mind that if it is your first time selecting web hosting, then you will need to research into what will work best for your website. Only when you know what is good for you will you be able to select the best service provider for yourself.

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