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How to start an environmental awareness blog [for beginners]

Having your own space or website on the internet is not as difficult as it used to be. If you are passionate about an environmental issue, it has never been easier to setup a blog to raise awareness. Getting a page for free is simple and afterwards, registration takes no more than $10 per year and web hosting services are less than $10 per month. This means that you can create and upload your website within no time so that it shows up in search engines and people can track you down for whatever you have put up. If you aren’t that tech savvy or have never done anything regarding the internet, then this is the right place you have come at. Read on and by the end, you will know all there is to know about web hosting.

Web Hosting Defined

If you were to think of your website as a real estate and a building, then web hosting is the land on which that building is built. Every website needs a unique space to store its data on the internet and make it accessible to the user on the World Wide Web. Web hosting is often offered as a service by a company, which provides you some rent space where you can lodge your website. It also allows you to have a direct connection with the internet so that your website is accessible to all other users around the globe.

The first thing that you need to understand about your website is that it comprises of a bunch of computer files, images, and videos and other content that are combined together. These files are first saved on a server, or super computer, from where they are then uploaded to the internet. This is done by a company so that you would not have to keep a check on all the files and their sub files. This means that the company is providing you not only a place that you can rent for your website, but also connection to the internet.

Types of Web Hosting

Now, there are different types of web hosting that you can choose from. Their basic aims are the same but they differ in terms of the amount you need to pay, the space that you are provided, the reliability of their services and the speed of the internet you get for your website’s running. The five main types of web hosting options are Free, Shared, Dedicated, Virtual Private Server, and Cloud Hosting. You can read these researched hosting reviews on the top hosting companies for a better idea on which type of hosting would best fit your needs.
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